Renault cars or other generalist makes of cars

Renault cars or other generalist makes of cars *

Less than 200 000 km or under 15 years old.
Hourly labour rate: €45 tax incl.
Spare parts: at cost price
Additional contribution from the manufacturer

*Other eligible brands: Citroën, Fiat, Ford, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen

Free replacement vehicle possible

Download the information sheet here.

Free replacement vehicle possible

  • If the partner garage has a
    Renault Rent car hire service
  • If the quote provided by the garage
    is accepted
  • Offer limited to 3 days of free loan
  • In the event of an accident: excess of €900
    reduced to €300
  • Costs borne by our partner


The Renault solidarity Garages are not in a position to work on all car makes. Only requests for work on the car makes proposed are taken into account.

Vehicles with more than 200 000 km and older than 15 years are expensive to service and their reliability is uncertain. Beyond these limits, we therefore recommend opting for the Renault new vehicle solidarity offer.

  • Is a Renault supplier and Renault solidarity programme partner.
  • Takes on the costs of the replacement vehicle provided during the servicing or repair works
  • Has a field team that assists, if requested, the advisers and Renault solidarity garages in increasing awareness of the programme and making a greater impact in the community


With a serviced vehicle:

  • Safety
  • Reliability

Useful info

With an old vehicle with high mileage:

  • High servicing and repair costs
  • Uncertain reliability
  • Difficulty to control the budget

How can someone benefit from this offer?

Être accompagné

Already assisted by one of these partner advisers from the Renault solidarity programme?

If so, simply get in touch with a contact adviser from one of these organisations.

pas accompagné

Not yet assisted by one of these partner advisers from the Renault solidarity programme?

You can register directly online. You will then be contacted by one of the volunteers who will assess your need and evaluate your eligibility, before directing you to one of our partners.



Who are these volunteers?

They are mostly current or retired employees from Groupe Renault who want to get involved in this solidarity programme, on a voluntary basis.

They bring their professionalism and listening skills to advise and assist those interested in one of the offers.

Qui sont ces bénévoles

How does it work?




The partner adviser identifies the beneficiary’s car mobility need.




Servicing and repair




The adviser approves the eligibility (on condition of the recipient's financial means) and directs the application to the nearest Renault solidarity garage.




The after-sales agent contacts the beneficiary within 48 hours to arrange an appointment and draw up a reduced estimate.




If the beneficiary accepts the estimate, the garage carries out the servicing or repairs. The beneficiary then pays the reduced bill.

Watch Mélissandre’s story.

Beneficiary of the servicing/repair offer.