Renault has put together a range of luggage items and car accessories made from recovered or recycled materials. These are produced in workshops that promote the integration and emancipation of people.

In Brazil, the brand is contributing to the emancipation of men and women in situations of social exclusion or vulnerability. In France, it is helping integrate people with disabilities into the working world. The products are made by hand from recycled raw materials or waste and scrap parts from the automobile industry.

Through its range of fair products, Groupe Renault hopes to develop an ethical and responsible economic model based on production, marketing and consumption methods that contribute towards sustainable development:

  • by enabling artisans to live off their work
    with dignity
    with dignity

    with dignity through fair and sustainable remuneration;

  • by promoting the inclusion of vulnerable populations and by contributing to improving the living standards of local communities;
  • by supporting practices with limited impact on the environment;

The Renault fair trade range

Groupe Renault has developed a range of unique luggage items and car accessories made from recycled or upcycled materials designed exclusively for the fair trade range.

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Renault's partner workshops

In order to develop this special range, Groupe Renault has formed close partnerships with workshops that share common values: respect, inclusion and solidarity, both for the workers themselves and those around them.

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